Thursday, 5 May 2011

Finished Press Release!

Press Release The AVK Gallery




A Group Show


May 5th – 28th

An exciting exhibition opens this May at The AVK Gallery, where visitors can escape from the mundane and revel in the vivid, fascinating works occupying the gallery space.

The exhibition comprises of six contemporary artists from around the world, working fundamentally with sculpture and installation.

Transforming Dimensions explores the variety of ways the white walls of the gallery can be transformed into a dramatic, colourful, and sometimes puzzling space. It does not focus on optical illusion, instead the exhibition reveals the unique ways the chosen artists transform the space. The journey around this exhibition is one of a purely visual experience, one where the art works impose themselves on you and involve you in their work.

There are a range of works, none of which conform to the conventional idea of hung canvas paintings on a white wall. They challenge the all too common way of walking absentmindedly through an exhibition by not allowing the audience to ignore their works; it is impossible, their presence is too strong.

Sonja Vordermaier’s dramatic sculptural installations open the exhibition, their powerful presence capturing the audience, which leads on to the more subtle smoke tapestry by Pae White, the ephemeral quality and size of it transforms the long walls into whirling patterns of light and smoke. Upstairs the audience is greeted by more of White’s work, where the gentlest of movements could move the mobile, allowing the coloured discs to dance in the light. Moving on there are works from Eliasson, showing how light, colour, and the audience can transform his pieces and the space around them. Zimmermann’s brightly coloured drips automatically make the audience look up and question how they were made, as does the vivid glossy floor in the next room. In contrast to the colourful works seen on the first floor, the second floor features Donovan’s subtle installations which make the walls appear to be undulating, and the ceiling to be growing with clean white organic structures. The work of Saraceno finishes the show, creating web like installations, with magnificent structures that allow the audience to get up close and within the works.

Of course, although this has attempted to describe the magnificent nature, and understated wonder of these art works; the only way to truly appreciate these works is to experience them yourself.


Sonja Vordermaier

Pae White

Olafur Eliasson

Peter Zimmermann

Tara Donovan

Tomas Saraceno

Curated by Amy Kirkham

Photos of the finished model!

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

I decided to create simple little models of the sculptures/installations, just so they refer back to the works. I've included an art works sheet and the plan with the model so it can be understood better! Also I didn't want to over-complicate the model (the lifts are little boxes/the stairs are plaited wire-simple) also, I wanted more of a focus on the layout and how the works would occupy the space, I wasn't too concerned with how the gallery looked outside, for me the virtual exhibition is about what's inside the gallery, and I've got nothing important to show outside.
Also I wanted to add that, there are lights/spotlights that are used within the works, they are shown in the images of the works (which sometimes also show how the audience affect the work).

It was quite fiddly, so I think it's successful in how I wanted it to be-to simply show how the works would be laid out.