Monday, 21 March 2011

Donald Judd

As I just wrote before, although I like Judd's work, and I was interested in showing 'minimalist' work alongside more expressive art works I can't see it being successful. I want my show to be exciting for everyone, for people to be really intrigued as to how pieces were made, for them to crane their necks, turn around and look hard at the pieces; have them take up the space.
I don't think Judd's work has that quality.

Dan Flavin

I've seen this Flavin piece, and what I like about these pieces is how they change the gallery space by just being simple fluorescent tubes.
Flavin's work would fit with my ideas for the exhibition but the fact that many establish him as a 'minimalist' artist does put me off. For some reason I have reservations about displaying 'minimalist' works with more organic formed sculptures, as if it is diminishing the 'minimal' qualities of the work.

Dan Graham

For me the most interesting thing about Graham's work is how it works within the outdoor environment, I began thinking about using an outdoor place for my exhibition but decided that although I really like this idea some of my other works I want to use wouldn't work well within that theme, and I can't do everything!

Olafur Eliasson

I really want to include Eliasson's work in my virtual exhibition. Personally I would love to see his work and I think it could work well within my exhibition.

His work captures the viewer, how could it not when the light and colour surrounds you?! That's my thinking anyway, and how his work expands across the gallery space is something I'd like to portray in my exhibition.

Peter Zimmermann

Ever since I saw one of Zimmermann's paintings I have found it difficult not to like them. They have a particular surface quality unlike anything I'd seen before, blurry yet solid, with layers of glossy bright colours that merge to create almost psychedelic patterns.
His installation works would be fantastic to see as I think the true nature of the surfaces can only be experienced by seeing them without the distortion of photography.

Initial thoughts!

So our new challenge is to create a 'virtual exhibition', a fantasy show where we can create the space, the theme and show any artists we want...perhaps too much freedom? I feel like I would love to curate an exhibition with lots of my favourite artists but I want it to be exciting for everyone!

Firstly I've been thinking about the artists that I want to use and I've had several ideas about how what I want the exhibition to be like. I'm looking at some artists that I have previously looked at in relation to my own art practice and works that personally I would love to see in one building.

However I can't get carried away as some of the art works I'll be putting on this blog need space to be effective...the great thing about a virtual exhibition is that I can make the space as big as I want! So I'll be looking primarily at different artists I like and I think could work well together, then progress from there!