Monday, 21 March 2011

Initial thoughts!

So our new challenge is to create a 'virtual exhibition', a fantasy show where we can create the space, the theme and show any artists we want...perhaps too much freedom? I feel like I would love to curate an exhibition with lots of my favourite artists but I want it to be exciting for everyone!

Firstly I've been thinking about the artists that I want to use and I've had several ideas about how what I want the exhibition to be like. I'm looking at some artists that I have previously looked at in relation to my own art practice and works that personally I would love to see in one building.

However I can't get carried away as some of the art works I'll be putting on this blog need space to be effective...the great thing about a virtual exhibition is that I can make the space as big as I want! So I'll be looking primarily at different artists I like and I think could work well together, then progress from there!

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