Monday, 25 April 2011

Artists I'm using and further ideas...


I've found 2 works for each artist apart from Arendt, and I've been looking at her work and don't feel it works with my current plans for how the exhibition is going.

I was going to just not show any of Arendt's work, but I like a challenge so I've looked at my plans and I think I'm going to show Arendt opposite Vordermaier (even though that means I'll be showing 3 works of Vordermaier!) I think it's appropriate as there is a contast between the powerful piece by a window, and Arendt's softer piece, also shown by a window. However there is a relationship between two of their works that I will put in a darker room together, the more organic pieces.

Those are the only two artists I have put work together in the same room, this is partly because of coherence (so viewers can see the same artists work in succession) but also because of space and how many of the pieces need to stand alone in order to be successful.

Just looked at both Vordermaier's and Arendt's pieces again, I don't think they'll be successful in the space I'm creating. The space is too clean for Vordermaier's sculpture that wraps itself round the pipes, and using only one piece of Arendt's seems a bit pointless....I'll have to rethink the exhibition structure again.

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