Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Jim Lambie

I've looked at his work before, and I was just looking at the Tate website which describes his work...

Jim Lambie takes the ephemera of modern life and transforms it into vibrant sculptural installations. Working with items immediately to hand, as well as those sourced in second-hand and hardware stores, he resurrects record decks, speakers, clothing, accessories, doors and mirrors to form sculptural elements in larger compositions. Lambie prioritises sensory pleasure over intellectual response. He selects materials that are familiar and have a strong personal resonance, so that they offer a way into the work as well as a springboard to a psychological space beyond.

Lambie’s works are often devised in relation to a specific space, where they are shaped by a series of intuitive and improvisatory decisions. This enables him to work in tune with the qualities of his materials and the parameters of the existing architecture.

I think his work relates well to my ideas about allowing the art work to change the space, although I may not use Lambie's work, I could display works I choose in a similar way. It's his ideas about how his art work should be viewed that I find interesting...I've put the parts from the Tate description that I find particularly useful in bold.

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