Monday, 25 April 2011

Visual Dimensions

possible title?

I'm now also worried about how I'm going to 'reproduce' the sculptures in my maquette.

words that could inspire a title?

transforming the dimensions
regenerate the white cube space
visual - ocular
space - expanse - environment
ocular transformations of solid dimensions (silly as it kind of rhymes.)
transforming the ordinary space

Also currently thinking about how many works for each artist. For some artists I've chosen the works are so large that I think I should just use one of them, but for others I think more than one work is necessary. I'm also thinking about if it was a 'real' exhibition how I'd need to treat the artists equally and not favour one's work by using more of their work than others. I also don't want to crowd the space, I want there to be a fluidity to the exhibition, the works relate to each other but have their own individuality, I keep thinking that as my virtual gallery is three floors this could help with the slight distinction of the different works.

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