Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Looking at past exhibitions... - from photos this exhibition I can see how the viewers affect the work, through shadows etc. - this site is good as it includes exhibitions he has held,

some of his previous exhibitions have been in the typical 'white cube' space which I think is preferably for how vivid his own work is. pae white, how she is part of a "new generation of artists exploring colour and space" "They’re spaced around in chunks so that the viewer can wander into and be surrounded by the strands of colour" "The room is filled with three giant hanging tapestries which depict photographic collage-images and crumpled shining foil. It’s a fascinating exploration of an ignored medium where the everyday becomes iconic."

I seem to choose to look at some artists who also use everyday items in their work, perhaps I really want the exhibition to take the viewer out of reality in that real items are transformed into something else, which in turn transforms the space!

I keep updated this post as I putting on websites I've found useful, it makes it easier for me to go back and look again at them. a look at her range of works and which would be best in my exhibition, also I can see close-ups of her work. Interesting to discover that one of her pieces involves using CDs. irritating voice on the video but interesting to see how Tara Donovan creates her work, especially in a gallery space. can see more work and close-ups so can see surface texture.

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