Thursday, 14 April 2011

For this exhibition I would like colour and light to be a central focus. I think I would like this exhibition to be visually exciting, perhaps almost confusing, as people walk around the space feeling immersed in the art works because of how imposing they are in the space.

As a result of this, although I like the 'minimalist' works of Judd/Flavin/Graham, I think they are not suited to this show, as perhaps 'minimalism' isn't suited to my own thoughts for the final show. (saying this, I do think Flavin's works, and how they work in the space could be very interesting!)

So I think this is the path I'd like to follow, I have more artists I want to look at, and I've also been thinking about past exhibitions I have seen, to see if they could help with my own ideas...

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