Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Because of the nature of the art works I'm exhibiting, and the fact that I've created quite a large fantasy gallery I've created a simple maquette that is effective in showing how the works will be placed, although it has been difficult to show the works which would be either on the ceiling or hung from it...I'm still trying to conquer that aspect....why did I choose to exhibit sculptures and installations?!

I've also been thinking about what the most important information to show is, I don't think the aesthetic of the outer building of my fictional gallery as I only created it as an inside space to display the work. Architecturally, perhaps windows are important but I won't have many in this gallery as there all the works will use lights on their work, either from the ceiling or from spotlights.

There are now several attempts at poster...none are successful. Sigh.

Another update, press release and maquette nearly done, I've also decided to use only White's Overneath in that space to give room for people to move around it.

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