Monday, 25 April 2011

Tomas Saraceno and Tara Donovan

Tomas Saraceno

After seeing his work at the Frieze art fair I explored his past work and found it really intriguing!
I think his work, especially these I'm showing here, uses the space to it's advantage and like a spider creates this web that extends throughout the room. From images I've seen viewers have to work their way through the maze of 'webs' and I think that would be perfect for my show.

Tara Donovan

It is the first image that I'm particularly interested in using in my exhibition. The forms seem to grow from the ceiling, reaching out for the viewer. The use of light highlights the structural quality of the sculptures which I think makes them even more effective.
The use of plastic cups also shows another way of changing the space, by repetition etc.
Similarly I like the work using metal circles but looking at them again, I'm questioning whether they could work well with my theme...

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