Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Recently I've been looking at past exhibitions that the main artists I am interested in (Eliasson, Zimmerman, White) have been involved in. I've also been thinking about what space I would like to show them in. I have an idea in my head of a three storey building, where the lower floor incorporates a piece that uses the floor space, the middle floor is almost like a maze of rooms with different colours/lights works in them, and then the top floor will involve art work on the ceiling. I've done a sketch but unfortunately my scanner isn't working, but I'll find a way to put it up!

So now I'll be putting up information I've gathered about these artists past exhibitions and how they were curated.
I think their work will look exciting shown together but I wonder whether I should include more artists? Either use more artists and only one of their works, or use less artists and more of their works?

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